Poultry Egg and Meat are important sources of edible animal protein. Poultry meat accounts for 30% of global meat consumption. The efficiency of the bird is being constantly improved, thanks to the scientific breeding and appropriate nutrition for the genetically improved bird.

Nutritional supplements and Dietary Strategies play a vital role in exhibition of the efficiency of the bird. Neospark takes pride in catering the poultry industry with a range of Value Added Products to realize the true potential of the bird.


Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Formulations are unique combinations of substances that are used and or intended to be used to modify or explore physiological systems or pathological states for the benefit of the recipient.

Neospark has an extensive range of drug formulations like Antibiotics, Antimicrobials, Anthelmintics and other Veterinary pharmaceutical specialties as Oral Powders, Oral Liquids and Injectable formulations.

Antibiotics and Antibacterials:

The use of antibiotics and antibacterial agents provides an effective method for the control and treatment of infectious or contagious diseases caused by bacteria and certain other microorganisms. Their application in veterinary practice has assisted in ensuring the health of Poultry, Livestock and Companion animals. Antimicrobial use has also contributed to improved food safety standards, by reducing the likelihood of meat , egg and milk products presenting disease problems for the consumer or those concerned with their production.


Anthelmintics are used prophylactically and also to treat acute and chronic infections. Control measures reduce worm burdens, enhance productivity, and substantially reduce the build-up of infective worm larvae on the pasture or eggs in the environment.

Poultry are treated for gastro-intestinal roundworm, gapeworm, and tapeworm infections. Helminth infection is less of a problem in poultry reared indoors because of their lack of contact with intermediary host. Breeding birds are treated before laying. Rearing birds are dosed 3 weeks after placing on infected ground, maintenance doses being given 6 to 8 weeks.

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