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/ Topical Formulations / MeggaRid  
MaggaRid exhibits 3 Way Action i.e., Maggoticidal, Efficient Wound Healing and Fly Repellent properties to help in quick recovery from Maggoted Wounds.

Composition :
Gamma Benzene Hexachloride IP: 0.10% w/v
Proflavine Hemisulphate: 0.10% w/v
Cetrimide IP: 0.45% w/v
Eucalyptus Oil and Turpentine Oil as base

Indications :
For Maggoticidal action in wounds
Quick Healing of Maggoted and Deep seated wounds
As a fly repellent to avoid flies on the wounds

Directions for use :
Open the container. Fix the dispensing pump to the container.
Clean the wound and spray MaggaRid from one foot distance twice daily until complete cure or as directed by the Consultant Veterinarian.

Net Contents :
100 ml.

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