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Hoof problems are one of the major but hidden cause of economic losses to Livestock raisers.

Hoof ailments lead to reduced milk production, poor fertility and finally premature culling of the animals.

Active Ingredients in HooCar include Keratinizing Agents, Hoof Strengthening Agents and Natural Bioactive Compounds

Benefits :
Aids as a Supportive during Hoof ailments
Favours Keratinization during Hoof damage
Nourishes and toughens the Hooves
Helps in better recovery from infection of Hooves
Helps in reducing pain and inflammation during laminitis
Damaged Hoof is restored to Normalcy
Regular Use of HooCar Prevents damage to Hooves
Convenient and safe to use

Indications :
For Faster recovery from
Laminitis, Lameness
Injuries during trimming of Hooves
Dermatitis digitalis
Sole ulcers
Foot lesions in Foot & Mouth Disease
Foot Rot

Directions for use :
Clean the affected part and spray HooCar twice daily till complete cure is achieved.

Regular use :
Clean the hooves and spray HooCar once in a week to keep the hooves healthy.

Presentation :
250 ml and 500 ml.

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