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GMP+  FAMI-QS  ISO 9001:2015  EIC  GMP  BIS  CAA 
  Neospark strongly believes in Food Safety of humans through Feed Safety of animals.

Neospark adopts Quality Management systems in compliance with laws and regulations to ensure sustainability in Quality, reliability in process and safety in hygiene standards.

The risk incidences in human food chain has prompted the European Union to establish FAMIQS , a Quality System for animal feed ingredients. FAMIQS warrants Quality, Health & Safety with Environmental compliance regarding the ingredients that go into animal feed.

Neospark has readily adopted the quality management system implemented by the European Union with an objective to meet the highest standards of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental compliance.

Neospark is certified with FAMIQS i.e., Feed Additive and PreMixture Quality System (FAMIQS ) based on the European Animal Feed Regulation.

FAMIQS certification is a standard which efficiently addresses the
  • Feed and their mixture ingredients safety
  • Legality
  • Quality
Renowned worldwide, FAMIQS Certification provides us opportunity to show our Credibility and Commitment towards Safety of our supply chain and consumers.

Following the FAMIQS code, Neospark aims at focused approach towards
  • Quality and feed safety management systems
  • Traceability procedures
  • Product regulatory compliance
  • Human resources
  • Infrastructures
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
  • Waste control

  GMP+  FAMI-QS  ISO 9001:2015  EIC  GMP  BIS  CAA