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GMP+  FAMI-QS  ISO 9001:2015  EIC  GMP  BIS  CAA 

Neospark with its roots in India has a global reach with several formulations being exported to various countries.

Neospark has the Certification of Approval by “Export Inspection Council of India” for export of Premixtures and Feed Additives being manufactured in facilities with sound quality assurance and safety management systems.

Export Inspection Council (EIC) is an advisory body to the Central Government which ensures sound development of export trade of India through Quality Control and Inspection and for matters connected thereof.

Export Inspection Council, either directly or through Export Inspection Agencies, its field organization renders services in the areas of:

  • Certification of quality of export commodities through installation of quality assurance systems (In-process Quality Control and Self Certification) in the exporting units as well as consignment wise inspection.

  • Certification of quality of products for export through installation of Feed safety Management System in the manufacturing units.

  • Issue of Certificates of origin to exporters under various preferential tariff schemes for export products.

  GMP+  FAMI-QS  ISO 9001:2015  EIC  GMP   BIS  CAA